A proud Idahoan, daughter, mother of five, grandmother of eleven, gun owner, and more, Christy was blessed to grow up with her hands in the dirt, both on the farm and ranch. She feels blessed to have been able to raise her children on their family farm.

She taught her children the importance of putting in a hard day’s work, and of earning your way forward.

Christy is a champion for the Second Amendment, securing constitutional carry in the state of Idaho. She successfully carried legislation to protect the lives of the unborn and carried legislation to protect children from medical and surgical mutilation.

As a former school board member, she knows how frustrating it is to have your local authority usurped by a state or federal mandate. Local boards elected by the citizens in the district are in the best position to decide how money is spent in local schools.

Having been a business owner she understands the need to lessen the heavy hand of government regulations and was the floor sponsor of successful legislation to reduce the licensing requirements for many in the beauty industry.

Being a property owner ensuring that property taxes don’t “price” us out of our homes is a priority.

Serving the people of Idaho in the House and Senate chambers, she has stood strong to protect our God-given rights. Being the only Republican in the Idaho Senate to “Stand” for grocery tax repeal.

Christy has pledged her sacred honor to serve her fellow Idahoans to preserve freedom for future generations of Idahoans.